Mr Antoine Sanou

Mr Antoine Sanou is a PhD student (University of Glasgow registration) Supervisors: Heather Ferguson, Jason Mattiopoulos, Sagnon N'Falé

Project Title: Ecology and transmission potential of insecticide resistance malaria vectors in Burkina Faso

Objectives: To characterize the population dynamics, insecticide resistance and behaviour of malaria vectors through longitudinal surveillance of mosquito populations across a range of sentinel sites in Burkina Faso.
1. To test for associations between the degree of insecticide resistance in malaria vector populations and their malaria transmission potential (host choice, time and location of biting)
2. To investigate the indirect impacts of insecticide exposure (behaviour and fitness) on insecticide resistant vectors.
3. To use the data gathered above to quantify the amount of malaria transmission that can be prevented by LLINs within areas of high LLIN coverage in Burkina Faso.
4. To contribute to the development of malaria vector ecology and behaviour at the Centre Nationale de Recherche et de Formation sur la Paludisme in Burkina Faso